Supermarket Shenanigans in Venice, Boats and Baccala!

Murano, Veneto, Italy


Nobody can take a bad picture in Venice. The entire city is ornate. It’s sculpted from granite and stone–and it rises out of an ocean of what looks like olive colored jello just before it solidifies. It’s a dance of saints and sea nymphs and a stillness that feels a little bit like forever.

After I ogled a shit load of 15th Century cribs and hand made glass art in Murano, I snapped so many great shots I felt like an important paparazzi.

Amazingly, in Venice…you can’t even take a bad photo in the Supermarket. My Mom and I snapped away at Venetian food and cleaning supplies (the deli and toilet paper isle is always crowded) and for the remainder of our time in Venice…we were the SHOP-A-RAZZI. What do Venetians eat? What do they use for cleaning supplies? Do their kids go bonkers in the cereal isle like ours do? Will I hear kids begging for Count Chocula in Italian? We had to find out what life in the supermarket was like. I’ve seen enough Churches and Byzantine art…and after a while it all looks the same. But what do people throw in their shopping baskets in Venice?

I hope you Enjoy my Shop-a-razzi photos. I’ve added some comments on the photos to give you a sense of Venice under flourescent lights and shelves stocked with the stuff of modern life.

My next blog takes place in Florence, where artists, writers and musicians hung out. It’s where Galileo boldly told everyone the world is round. He had the nerve to say, “Yeah, the world is round–you retards!”  Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

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