Verona: Not for the Romantically Frustrated

Verona , Veneto, Italy
Friday, September 11, 2015

Romeo & Juliet’s VERONANot for the Romantically frustrated.
As I leave Milan, on the way to Venice, the countryside becomes softer and brighter, and, well…more romantic. The vibe there injects a shot of joy into your soul. The air feels infused dopamine and seratonin.  5 minues in Verona, and you feel elated. Who cares about evil in the world! Who cares about global warming or the fact that the planet will eventually blow apart from all the fracking and oil drilling. Who cares about the Rebublican candidtae debates! Who cares about Donald Trumps disturbing hair style! I suddenly don’t give a shit what people are thinking or doing or saying–I’m in Love! Not with anyone in particular. I’m just all up in that Romance land that’s called Verona.  It’s  one of those cities you have to stop and see if you like ancient castles, fortresses, balconies heavy with sculpture and endless waves of flowers.

The famous story of Romeo and Juliet happened  in Verona. The city seduces people with it’s rolling green hills, winding rivers and gardens. The it tells you to f*ck off with it’s menacing  fo
and foreboding gates that make any place impossible to permate. The whole place gives you the feeling that you can look, but you can’t go in. You can see and want, but can’t have. No wonder Juliet Killed herself. Those cock-blocking Capulets made sure that the dreams of Romance that blossom in Verona, just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry Romeo, try finding the love pf your life somewhere else. If existed in the 12th century, there would be alot of appealing profiles, but never a relationship would happen. It’s just that kind of place.

After exploring Verona, I’m seduced into  a relationship–with Gelato. Sure theres more gelato shops in Italy as tcorn fields in the Iowa, but the deep dark chocolate with orange peel I got at a gourmet specialty shop there was so rich tasting and energizing I got a huge sugar/cocoa speed rush from it that kept me up all night. But who cares? Im in love. Even though I cant have everything that Verona makes you want, I can have a dreamy, experience of a lifetime in the one of the most beautiful cities in Italy

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